Our History

In 1976, the Holi Corporation was established by Dale W. Holifield. Not knowing what to name her business venture, Dale went to her mother for guidance. Her mother did three things: First, she named the corporation Holi (the first four letters of Dale’s last name). Second, she put the “holly leaves” above the “i” in Holi so the pronunciation would be recognized as “holly” and not “holy” with a distinctive logo. Lastly, she purchased for Dale a replica of a plaque that might have hung on the wagon of a peddler in the 19th century. On the plaque is written “Square Deal Peddler”.

From those three words came the mission statement of Holi: Recruit the best possible applicants available and pay an honest wage, bill the client a reasonable rate and take a fair profit for the company (a “Square Deal ”). The plaque still hangs in Dale’s office today.

In the 70’s, business was done mostly on a handshake and there were only a few temporary help services in the area and most of those were national companies. Holi made its mark by servicing the many oil companies with clerical help. Soon clients came from industries that were affiliated with the oil companies. Holi took off and so did its reputation for a Square Deal. Unfortunately, the oil industry and their affiliates were short-lived and Holi had to reinvent itself. But one large factor remained – Holi’s reputation for the Square Deal.

The name was changed and Holi Temporary Services gave way to Holi Services, Inc., a professional, full-
service, full-service placement company. Holi offered the business community not just quality personnel
in the clerical industry, but personnel in the light industrial, industrial, technical and hospitality fields as
well as skilled and unskilled construction workers. Holi also added placement, temporary-to-hire,
employee leasing and check writing services to its already temporary help plan and the Square Deal took
off again.

Holi is still 100% female-owned by Dale W. Holifield with offices in Orleans, Jefferson and Baton Rouge
placing personnel in these and the surrounding parishes but with today’s technology has made it
possible to reach out across the country to place personnel in other areas.

Many things have changed in the 40 + years since we began but one thing has not changed: “ The Square Deal ” that Holi promised its clientele and associates!

About Our Services

Holi Services has a diverse range of personnel and placement options, including clerical, light industrial, industrial, technical and hospitality as well as skilled and unskilled construction workers. Our services offered are: Permanent Placement, Temporary-to-Hire, Temporary Help, Direct Hire and Employee Leasing Services.

For Clients

Our commitment is to provide clients with the right personnel at a fair price. We have expanded our options to include weekend, part time and night associates. In today’s market, employee means much more than 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday. It can mean permanent part time or every other weekend or just summer months. All of our associates are screened, tested, past employment checked and validated to work. We will also run background and drug tests at your request.

Holi Services is not just another staffing service. We are a local company that know the people and can easily design a program for the individual, whether that is a company or a single person.

For Job Seekers

Working with Holi Services means you have chosen to partner with a local company that know the people and traditions of our community. We take pride in selecting the best talented and hardest working individuals as associates who want to work here, raise their families and be successful in their selected field of employment.

Many of our associates return to us with their children and grandchildren because they can rely on Holi Services to extend to them the same kind of guidance and work opportunities they received years before. They know we offer a special sort of service that does not end with a job placement.

It is important for job seekers to register utilizing our online form and attach a resume when possible.
Our team reviews every inquiry and we contact applicants that are a good fit for available jobs.