The most important and most difficult issue for any business is personnel! You may know your industry, have the capital and connections, but if you are missing the right employees needed to run the business, you have nothing. There is a lot of technology and software out there to help, but you still need the right people to utilize it. Holi Services has been in business for over 40 years; we know the old school way as well as the modern way and it is what we do all day long. Permanent placement, temporary placement, temp to hire, employee leasing. We are familiar with many different industries and a good partner to have; cost efficient and knowledgeable, with all the credentials and certifications you need. There are several ways we can help you get the right team in place.

Personnel Placement Options

  • Payroll Leasing: Enjoy the convenience of full-time employees without the hassle of payroll, paperwork, worker’s comp, unemployment, year end W-2 forms and taxes. We handle it all. There are no contracts, no minimum hourly requirements, and no employment charges. Plus, our competitive mark-up keeps costs down.
  • Temporary Work: Have a job that needs to be completed in just a day or two? We’ve got hardworking people to help you. Temporary jobs can be as short as a one-day assignment and you don’t need to worry about hiring or paperwork – we handle it all for you. Oh! And did I mention we are available 24/7?
  • Temporary-to-Permanent: After ensuring a candidate’s success and the employee accumulating 520 hours with Holi Services, the candidate is then available to be released to your payroll at no charge. This helps ensure you have the best possible person for the job with low risk. 
  • Direct Hire Path: Many available positions require personnel to work with sensitive information or with special projects as part of their daily routine. Or our client wants to interview, make their own selection of the associates we have and sent and hire. Direct Hire does just that, but with a twist. Once we have a good description of the position, we will send resumes of the associates we have recruited for your approval. You select the candidates to interview, you set the day and time you choose and contact us with your selection. We can also run background, drug screen and MVR reports if requested. The successful associate will start work on your payroll from their 1st day of employment. HERE IS THE TWIST I TOLD YOU ABOUT: Holi will defer the pre-arranged billing for 2 weeks to ensure the now permanent employee has performed to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event they have not, we will not invoice you.

We really are more than a staffing company; we are an extension of YOUR company with a mission of YOUR SUCCESS!

Our screening process reflects our dedication to quality work in Louisiana. The experienced team at Holi Services, Inc. vets all personnel, selecting hardworking and reliable individuals who consistently deliver great results. 

We’re more than a staffing agency; we’re your strategic workforce partner. Our mission is to ensure your success by providing the right personnel promptly and affordably.